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Selling abroad means increasing your revenue.

We focus our attention on small and medium-sized businesses in the agri-food, fashion, and cosmetics sectors that want to find the right strategy for exporting successfully, with both time and cost efficiency. 

The Export Consultants at Sell Abroad support you in 4 alternative or complementary ways:

The Temporary Export Manager (TEM)

Il The Temporary Export Manager (TEM) is an expert in foreign markets: an external Export Manager for your company, enabling SMEs to start selling abroad or expand an already open market. Working independently or alongside an internal figure, even a junior one, he is typically focused on specific areas and sectors, allowing for a quick response to company demands and customer needs.

Digital Export Manager

Il The Digital Temporary Export Manager is a consultant, similar to the Temporary Export Manager in terms of being time-limited, but he assists the company in discovering new business opportunities through the use of digital tools. These may include the development of an e-commerce platform, social media strategies, digitized CRM, and much more. This role has become essential for micro, small, and medium-sized companies. 

Ormai sta diventando una figura imprescindibile per le micro, piccole e medie aziende italiane.

registrazione gacc Cina

GACC Registration (Chinese Customs)

Since January 1st, 2022, it is compulsory for food companies producing and exporting to China to register on the Chinese customs portal, GACC. Products lacking the GACC registration number on their packaging will be detained in customs. 

Essendo un sito quasi completamente in cinese noi possiamo effettuare la registrazione GACC online per conto della tua impresa.

International Exhibitions

The Industry trade fairs in Italy or abroad, whether physical or virtual, are the primary venues where new clients, distributors, sales agents, or simply networking opportunities can be found. It should be an integral part of the export strategy. We offer support services in the preparation and/or presence at the booth with a Temporary Export Manager. 

We offer support services in the preparation and/or presence at the booth with a Temporary Export Manager.


Subsidized financing

At the European, national, or regional levels, there are numerous finanziamenti grants or low-interest rate funding options that can facilitate investments for exports, digitalization, or simply ease the daily financial life of a company. 

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